Murray in a flash: a weekend summer update from The News

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Summer Orientation, Racer 101 prepare incoming students for college life

By Mary Bradley, Assistant News Editor

As the weather heats up and Murray State students dive deeper into their summers, the class of 2018 is spending the season preparing to begin their college careers.

Programs such as Summer O and Racer 101 are helping students make the leap from high school to college, and current students have given their summers to help the incoming Racers be as prepared as possible.

Racer 101 is a four-day extended orientation where incoming freshmen learn the campus, interact with students and are taught traditions. Summer O is orientation for incoming students.

Students of all academic years can volunteer to become counselors for Racer 101, and Summer O, which has several orientation sessions for the incoming freshman to attend.

Lindsey Powers, a Summer O and Racer 101 counselor, said the incoming freshman are already excited to be Racers.

“They are so excited to get to campus in the fall and to meet new people,” Powers said. “It makes our job easy because if they are excited then we can bond with them and give them more information.”

While Powers said the programs have been going well, she said there are always worries for the incoming freshman as the first day of classes inches closer and closer.

Dealing with financial aid, housing and roommate assignments are only a few of the fears new students might face. However, Powers said those feeling overwhelmed aren’t alone.

“I think all incoming freshmen are scared of the unknown of what college will be like, whom they will be friends with and if they will succeed,” she said. “I think they are also just antsy to get things started and start a brand new chapter of life.”

Kit Rowan, incoming freshman from St. Louis, Mo., participated in both Summer O and Racer 101 and said she was happy with how the programs went.

“I loved it,” Rowan said. “I didn’t know anyone going down there that are girls, so I met a bunch of friends and some really great mentors.”

Rowan said she thinks the programs can definitely help incoming freshman with their transition to college.

Renovations begin on historic president’s house

By Rebecca Walter, News Editor

Oakhurst is facing renovations and maintenance in preparation for the arrival of incoming President Robert Davies and his family in July.

Mike Dunnavant, director for building and equipment maintenance, said the president’s home received a new roof, gutters, down spouts, flooring and was re-painted. Landscaping was also done around the property to fix damage caused by extreme weather last winter.

Dunnavant said as of Friday, the renovations are 95 percent complete. It is unknown at this time the total cost of the renovations.

According to the Murray State University website, Oakhurst was originally called “Edgewood” when it was first built. Construction for the site began in 1917 and was started by former president Rainey T. Wells and his wife.

Construction was complete in 1918. Wells and his family lived in the house until 1936 and the Board of Regents bought the building with the intention of using it for the president of the University to live. The building was renovated and remodeled by former president James Richmond and then was given the name “Oakhurst.”

The house was remodeled in 1968 then again in 1970, and the building as seen few major renovations since that time. Oakhurst is located on the lot facing between University Drive and Main Street.

The project is expected to be completed before the arrival of president Davies.

Student food pantry open for the summer

By Lexy Gross, Editor-in-Chief

Murray State students can still use the on-campus food pantry, Racers Helping Racers, during the summer months.

The pantry is open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays in Room 244 of the Blackburn Science Building.

Re’Nita Avery-Meriwether, coordinator of the program, said she decided to keep the pantry open because of the high demand it saw during the Spring semester.

“We wanted to offer the same service to our summer students,” she said. “There are still students on campus and many of them are taking classes.”

Avery-Meriwether said summer hours started at the end of finals week and students have been coming in throughout the summer.

The pantry opened in the Spring and is partnered with Need Line, a community food pantry.

Avery-Meriwether said the shelves have stayed stocked in the pantry, thanks to donations from organizations and individuals in the community.

C-SPAN bus visits campus, teaches public affairs

By Rebecca Walter, News Editor

Students and residents of Murray were given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on public affairs as the C-SPAN bus rolled through town Wednesday.

Through the Governor’s Scholar Program, which is currently taking place on Murray State’s campus, visitors had the chance to learn more about C-SPAN and what the television network offers.

Information on public affairs, educational outreach and the three branches of government were all topics visitors could learn more about as they took touchscreen quizzes on the bus.

Visitors had the chance to tour the bus from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday while it was parked in the James H. Richmond parking lot. The event was opened to the public.

This is the C-SPAN Bus’ 21st year on the road. The bus travels through different cities, schools and universities across the U.S., promoting C-SPAN’s educational and political resources for students.

C-SPAN was created by the cable television industry and is broadcast in more than 100 million households. In Murray, C-SPAN is provided through Time Warner Cable on channel 96 with a C-SPAN 2 available on channel 97. Both channels are provided as a public service, free of commercials or government funding.


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