Board of Regents appoints Transition Committee members

In preparation for the arrival of incoming president Bob Davies, the Board of Regents has created a new Transition Committee.

The tasks of the committee include assisting president Davies with prioritizing and scheduling events, travel, speaking engagements and his official investiture ceremony. The committee will also be assisting with other daily duties Davies will have at the University.

The committee is made up of the following individuals:

•Harry Lee Waterfield II, chair of the Board of Regents.

•Sharon Green, vice chair of the Board of Regents.

•Bob Jackson, president of the Murray State University Foundation.

•Don Chamberlin, chair of the accounting department.

•Roslyn White, associate director of student recruitment.

•Dina Byers, associate professor of nursing.

•Michael Dobbs, president of the Student Government Association.

Jill Hunt, senior executive coordinator for the president and Board of Regents will provide additional support for the committee.

“The committee will play a key role in assisting President Davies with managing his schedule and handling daily responsibilities during the first year. He is excited to meet and work with everyone at the University and throughout the region and state,”  Waterfield said in a Murray State University press release.

Davies is working on a regional and statewide plan that includes meeting with school districts, prospective students, government officials, alumni and donors.

“This Transition Committee will assist me greatly during the first year as I plan my travel throughout the region and state and in dealing with many daily responsibilities,” Davies said in the press release. “I will be able to hit the ground running with this committee helping me be efficient with my time and effective with my responsibilities.”

Davies is the 13th president for Murray State. He will begin his duties as president on July 14.

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