Letter to the Editor 4-7-16

Recently, I was invited to be a member of a panel of radio station owners, program and news directors and mass communication educators to talk about the future of radio. These were comments I prepared for the event. Fifty years ago, I took the worst job at the coolest radio station in Music City, USA. Read More

Letter to the Editor 3-31-16

Rotary phones. Newsreels. Slide rules. Tube radios. Floppy disks. All obsolete, and for good reason. My $6 calculator is literally a million times more precise and blindingly faster than that $16 slide rule from 1972. It would take $10,000 worth of floppy disks from 1988 to equal the capacity of a $5 flash drive today. Read More

Letter to the Editor 3-17-16

My grandfather was a lifelong Republican from Paducah, Kentucky. Despite never finishing high school, he valued education. He saw his daughters finish college, and later two grandsons. He wanted to pay for my education too, but died of pancreatic cancer before that came to pass. I entered Murray State in the last wave of students Read More

Letter to the Editor 3-10-16

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s controversial move to cut public funding for higher education is an affront to all those affiliated with any of the commonwealth’s colleges or universities. But are we really surprised Bevin has taken this route? Within a month of taking office he has decided to strip any institution deemed unworthy of his Read More

Letter to the Editor 2-25-16

“Honesty … is such a lonely word…” Billy Joel sang back in…well, a while back. And at almost every college and university in the country the word “truth” is almost always in the mission statement and/or prominently engraved on the side of important buildings (i.e.  “In Search of Truth,” etc. Really?). Is that what your Read More

Letter to the Editor 1-28-16

Kentucky students can no longer stand by as our schools are underfunded. We cannot stand by as our tuition rates climb while the number of full-time faculty on our campuses gets smaller every year. We cannot stand by as our facilities become outdated or as other states become more academically competitive in STEM fields. Based Read More

Letter to the Editor 1-21-16

Excerpt from Constantine W. Curris’ Commencement Address Dec. 12, 2015   “ … Commencement by definition denotes the beginning, and for each of you it is the beginning of your journey beyond college days.  In ten minutes or less (and I know several of you are looking at your watches and will time me), I Read More