Letter to the Editor 11-17-16

Letter from Jerry Spriggs in West Linn, OR: The 2016 presidential election is behind us and many are surprised – some disappointed and others jubilant. Criticism of the Electoral College by both sides has become the bold new national sentiment. Surely it’s antiquated. Surely it must go. Surely we can do better. And we can! The Read More

Letter to the Editor 10-27-16

Letter from John Williams, Senior Contrasting political ideologies between Democrat Sam Gaskins, from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Republican James Comer, from Tompkinsville, Kentucky candidates for Kentucky’s First vacant Congressional district seat were never greater than in their interviews with Evansville, Indiana, television channel WEVV in September. Gaskins, an 11-year veteran who works in construction, spoke in Read More

Letter to the editor 10-13-16

Letter from Paul Ellis from Lexington, Kentucky: Donald Trump has said terrible things, but none of them would ruin our economy or destroy our country as the election of Hillary Clinton would.  There is clear documentation of Clinton’s dishonesty and unworthiness.  She has lied continuously about the Benghazi Attack and her State Department emails on her personal server.  Read More

Letter to the Editor 10-6-16

From Joe Farley, senior from Murray: Let’s be civil, y’all. As this election season is ramping up, we’re starting to see the worst of people.  People we thought were cool are showing some of their true colors that some of us may not disagree with. You know what?  That’s OK. There’s more to a person Read More

Letter to the editor 9-22-16

Excerpt from William Palmer, assistant professor of engineering: While on campus last week, an eager young student placed a card in my hand. It was for a magic show at Lovett Auditorium with the name Maze. She said he was a really good magician. So, my wife and I got a little excited to actually Read More

Letters to the Editor 9-15-16

From Joy Roach Humphreys, Chairwoman, Department of Management, Marketing and Business Administration: In the second sentence of his “Letter to the Editor” in the last edition of The Murray State News, Professor Peter Murphy wrote “First, I want to thank the Republican Party for allowing groups like this to feel empowered to recruit members in Read More

Letter to the Editor 9-8-16

From Peter F. Murphy, professor in the English and Philosophy Department I write now in response to the arrival of “The Traditionalist Workers Party” on the Murray State campus. First, I want to thank the Republican Party for allowing groups like this to feel empowered to recruit members in the most public of places. I Read More

Letter to the Editor 4-14-16

There is no factual evidence that Marquise had been considering suicide “for a very long time.” Zero. Had the barest due diligence or minimal investigation been performed, it would have become abundantly clear this was the case. No family members, long-time friends or even Marquise’s pediatrician from birth were contacted to inquire if he’d shown Read More