NCAA mandates student athletes received Election Day off

The OVC is one of many conferences across the country to encourage its student athletes to vote. (Photo courtesy of the OVC)

Jakob Milani

Contributing Writer

Voting has been the focal point voiced by many athletes at the professional level, and now the NCAA is giving college athletes their chance to go vote and make their voices heard.

In a recent decision, the NCAA mandated that all Division I athletic programs give their student athletes Election Day, Nov. 3, off. Programs will not be allowed to hold any practices or competitions on Election Day. 

The decision goes into effect this year and will continue for years to come. Murray State is one school that is affected by the recent decision and had already declared Election Day as a holiday for the University. 

The University is one of many OVC universities to do this, hoping that not just the student athletes but all college students will go out to exercise their right to vote. 

Murray State Athletic Director Kevin Saal talked about the recent decision and his beliefs on the matter.

“We believe strongly in developing the young people in our program ‘The Racer Way’… as students, persons, players and eventually professionals,” Saal said. “As tomorrow’s leaders, we encourage our Racers to use their voice and exercise their right to vote on Nov. 3.”

In addition to this recent decision, Murray State coaches and administrative staff will educate student-athletes on the process of becoming a voter. The CFSB Center will be a polling location for Election Day, providing plenty of room for social distancing during the current pandemic.