Changes on Campus: Old Richmond, Speed Tables and Starbucks… oh my!

Along with the new decade, the campus has undergone many changes right in time for
the start of the semester.
It was impossible to miss the large vacant space where Old Richmond Hall once stood
as students moved back into their dorms.
Perhaps students noticed the white tarps in the Curris Center or drove over the three
gigantic speed tables built on 16th Street.
Murray State constantly improving and updating its campus is very promising. Last
semester, students enjoyed New Richmond College, Chick-fil-A and spirit-filled Racer
Seeing the start of construction for Starbucks excites current students and encourages
prospective students to come to Murray State.
Currently, the dance lounge in the Curris Center is barricaded, which takes out a
substantial amount of seating and a number of tables.
Shawn Touney, Director of Communication, said the goal is to open Starbucks following
Spring Break.
When it opens, Starbucks should include the coffee bar  and aplenty of space to lounge.
Starbucks will also be in a much better location. Thoroughbrewed Café is in an awkward
place, and it often gets clogged since people walk to lunch, get mail and have tables set up
throughout that area.
The current café only offers some of the drink options and prices of a Starbucks, so now
everyone can enjoy the brand to its fullest.
It’s interesting to ponder what Thoroughbrewed Café will become. A grab-and-go snack
stand would be beneficial for students who do not have time to sit down or wait in long lines.
Steak ‘n Shake won’t be added to campus until next semester. Touney said other
restaurants will be added along with this chain.
“We anticipate construction for the T-Room renovations to begin at the end of the spring
semester,” Touney said. “The renovation will include new eateries such as Steak ‘n Shake, Tres
Habaneros and Sub Connection, with the goal of opening this fall.”
Steak ‘n Shake will be a great addition for everyone to enjoy. Although there is a smaller
population of vegetarian and vegan students, an eatery accommodating these lifestyles in
addition to Steak ‘n Shake would be welcomed on campus.
Now that Old Richmond has been demolished, there are many rumors of what will fill the
space. The need for more parking on the residential side of campus has been grumbled among
students for some time, but the Old Richmond area appears to be too steep of a hill to park cars
Likewise, many petitions went around last year for more green space. Green space
around campus, however, is of no use if it is blocked off and unable to be utilized.
The vacant area where Old Springer used to be is simply patchy grass. If there are no
plans to build another dorm, students could grow a community garden, compost pile and trees.
Aesthetic features like water fountains and sculptures would improve the appearance of
campus greatly.
People love going outside when the weather is nice, so park benches or picnic tables in
this vacant patch or in the Quad would encourage people to spend time outside.
Woods Hall, which has been torn down, will become Woods Park and hopefully help
promote students to study outside even more.
Traffic on 16th Street and the safety of those crossing has been a concern for many
The speed tables installed seem unfavorable among students – especially drivers –
because of their enormity. But Murray State didn’t have to pay for them, and the purpose is for
student safety and flow of traffic.
It’s good that positive changes are happening on campus.