Students vocalize concerns about Wi-Fi

Some students have experienced troubles when trying to connect to the campus Wi-FI. (Autumn Brown/The News)

Daniella Tebib

News Editor

Some students experienced issues when trying to connect to Wi-Fi on campus.

Laura Castleberry, assistant director of information systems service management, said students can connect to two different Wi-Fis when on campus. On the residential side, students should connect their devices to ResNetWireless and then register their devices on the registration page at On the academic side of campus, students should connect to MSUstudent with their network login information.

Students can have up to five devices registered on ResNetWireless, but they can connect unlimited devices to MSUstudent.

Despite following these procedures, some students said they have still experienced some issues.

Sarah Yeckering, junior from Owensboro, Kentucky, said every time she tries to log in, her information is incorrect.

“My phone connected to the Wi-Fi instantly using the same login credentials, yet it does not work on my laptop,” Yeckering said. “I know others experiencing the same issue.”

Castleberry said students may be experiencing issues because of their network login. Students might also have issues because network passwords expire after 120 days and must be reset. Network login information can be changed on students’ myGate accounts.

Some students said they had to resort to using their personal hotspot because they weren’t able to connect to the student Wi-Fi.

Madison Hillberry, sophomore from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, said she dealt with Wi-Fi complications since she has arrived on campus.

“I couldn’t get the Wi-Fi to work until last week, so I had to use my own hotspot even when I was on campus,” Hillberry said.

However, Hillberry said she was able to fix the Wi-Fi after receiving help from a friend.

“I had to force my computer to forget the network, because it wouldn’t allow me to re-enter my information,” Hillberry said. “But, since then, my Wi-Fi has been working.”

Students that continue to have problems with the Wi-Fi should contact the service desk. The service desk can be reached at 270-809-2346  or Students can also stop by their office on the 3rd floor of Applied Science North during regular business hours.