Thinking outside the box (of chocolates): How to spread love to more than just your S.O. this Valentine’s Day

Story by Amy Turner, Staff writer

Graphic courtesy of Rachel Solomon/The News

When you think of Valentine’s Day, a slew of romantic rendezvous may come to mind. From chocolate hearts to a fancy candlelit dinner, you typically think in terms of romantic love for this February holiday. Or maybe you prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with close friends that have a special place in your heart. But have you ever thought that maybe Valentine’s love can extend beyond our romantic relationships and close friendships?

For those who need a friend:

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely holiday. Visiting a nursing/assisted living home can help alleviate some loneliness for our more seasoned lovebirds. A simple visit full of smiles and cards can mean so much to someone spending the holiday alone. Find a group of friends to tag along and help spread a little extra love and cheer through an act of service this Valentine’s Day. With several homes near Murray State’s campus, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to spread a little extra love and cheer through an act of service this holiday.

Write little notes and leave them in random places all over campus. Someone just might need a little encouragement as their semester grows colder and more difficult. Leave a note in the laundry room or on your table at Winslow for someone to find. These don’t have to be overly sappy or really long. Just remind people to smile and that today can be a good day if they want it to be.

For your friends:

Throw a galentine/bro’s day party. Hanging out with friends and simply enjoying the day can be the perfect way to spread some love. Romantic relationships don’t have to be the focus of the day. Grab your favorite snacks and enjoy some much-needed chill time watching your favorite movie or TV shows. Get some board games and laugh the night away.

If you have a friend who recently broke a romantic relationship off, try to get them a small gift if you can. Spend some extra time making sure they know that they are loved beyond a significant other. Give them extra reasons to smile. These don’t have to be elaborate since the little things usually mean more than the extravagant. Grab an extra candy bar from the vending machine or let them pick the movie for your friend group.

For your significant other:

When planning the perfect date, try to think outside the box and plan something new. Find an activity you both have never done and try it. This could be as simple as playing a new board game or trying a new restaurant. Maybe go thrift shopping to pick the other person’s dinner outfit. Just have fun and enjoy making new memories.

Find old picture books and photographs of yourselves growing up and the memories you have with your significant other. Share stories of your favorite memories growing up and rehash your favorite dates or time spent together. This will help you get to know your significant other better and can be a lot of fun. While you are doing all this, make a list of new adventures you want to go on and memories you want to make together.