Murray State alumni share how to beat finals week stress

Story by Emily Combs, Contributing writer 

Finals week can be stressful, but it is possible to get through the week with your sanity intact. Some Murray State students and alumni were asked how they beat finals week stress. Here’s what they said:

“Lots of video game playing! I remember my last year there playing Resident Evil on a PlayStation 1 all through the night for about a week! Haha.”

-Corey Crider, Marion, Kentucky, Class of 1999


“Had to get a pepperoni/mushroom pizza from Dominos to help study!”

-Kim Pyle Brown, Marion, Kentucky, Class of 1991.


“I just kept repeating ‘This too shall pass!’ over and over and over again!

-Bridget Davis Terry, Marion, Kentucky, Class of 1997


“Midnight Pancakes, [and] holing up in Waterfield when it was open 24/7!”

-Becca Hostilo Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Class of 2012


“Re-reviewing notes and chapter outlines. Late night pizza. I didn’t drink coffee, so Coca-colas were my caffeine source.”

-Kathi Michele Owensboro, Kentucky, Class of 1987


“I would go play pinball at the Palace Cafe for hours.”

-Alan Stout Marion, Kentucky, Class of 1978