‘Crazy for You’ to take the stage this weekend

Story by Kennedy Morillo, Contributing writer

‘Crazy for You,’ a musical comedy written by Ken Ludwig, will premiere Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Robert E. Johnson Theatre.

Since late September, students, faculty and staff of the Music and Theatre Department have practiced heavily to prepare for the musical composed by Geore and Ira Gershwin.

Alan Mckee, sophomore from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and theatre and vocal performance double major said he is most excited for the music in the play.

“It is Gershwin-composed so it’s really jazzy and a lot of fun,” Mckee said.

Randall Black, professor of music said when in the planning process for a play, both departments must come to an agreement to find what is best for the show.

Maribeth Crawford, assistant professor of music, said they assess their strengths and weaknesses before a show is picked and casted.

“When working with two departments, there are plenty of ideas to go around,” Crawford said. “When the departments began the search for a musical, their first choice was unavailable due to music rights. Soon after that, the department got the ball rolling with Crazy for You.”

Crawford said the whole production is a collaborative effort.

“We have a strong jazz band,” Crawford said. “Dr. Todd Hill is a professional musician who knows what is he is doing.”   

Black said he had to make himself familiar with the various roles, vocal ranges and character types to find the perfect voice for each role.

To make sure the flow of the show runs smoothly, Black said he listens carefully to the underscoring.

“Because this is a dance show, tempo changes are critical,” Black said.

Crawford said the central idea for the show is very similar to the town of Murray.  “The play is about a small town and the artistic culture brings people to life in the town,” Crawford said. “It creates a buzz of excitement.”

Crawford said all the elements of art create an enriched environment in ‘Crazy for You,’ just as it does in Murray.

‘Crazy for You’ will be performed at 7:30 on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night as well as 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

Entrance to the musical is free with verification of a student I.D. at the door and adult ticket prices will vary from 18 to 20 dollars.