Warm weather doesn’t sweat local boutiques

Story by Sydni Anderson, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

For some Murray residents and students the word ‘fall’ conjures memories of scarves and boots (exclusively paired with cozy, knit socks) and the crisp and cool ‘sweater weather’ of the season. However, this fall seemed to have taken a misstep with temperatures pushing 8o in an uncharacteristically warm start to the season. Some of Murray’s ‘sweater weather’ retailers share the impact the extended summer heat has on boutique stock and sales.

Ribbon Chix

Krista Hatchett, co-owner of Ribbon Chix, said the boutique has been in business for eight years. She said in that time she has recognized a direct relationship between the weather and sales.

“We start merchandising sweaters late summer which is great for those early shoppers but they really don’t start selling until the weather starts feeling like ‘sweater weather’,” Hatchett said.

She said an unseasonably warm fall that brings 80 to 90 degree weather makes selling sweaters, jackets, booties and long sleeves a bit tough.

“I constantly have to remind myself that God is good and sweater weather is coming,” Hatchett said.

Southern Soul Boutique

Jenny Jackson, co-owner of Southern Soul Boutique, said the weather hasn’t affected sales for the store’s fall and winter clothing. She said the boutique tries select pieces that are good transitional piece for both seasons.

“We’re in Kentucky and one shift from season to season can always be kind of crazy,” Jackson said. “You just never know what the weather is going to do here.”

Jackson said even heavier fall and winter pieces are trendier pieces that the boutique’s customers want. She said the boutique has not had to change stock or promotion to cater to the warmer weather.

“We haven’t really done anything different as far as the way we chose pieces for the store,” Jackson said. “We just chose what we liked and it’s worked out pretty well.”

Southern Soul was exclusively online before opening the storefront on 4th street in April.

Gate 28

Adrianne Rogers, owner of Gate 28, said each year the weather plays a significant role in figuring out the best timeframe to bring in the appropriate clothing.

“With it being warmer into fall this year, we simply have held onto tanks and short sleeves a bit longer while still rolling in the Sherpas, pullovers and fleece to be prepared,” Rogers said. “It can be 50 in the morning and 78 in the afternoon so we have to be prepared for two seasons right now.”

Rogers said the boutique is selling stock for both seasons and seasonal accessories like beanies, gloves and scarves are starting to sell with the anticipation of cooler weather in upcoming weeks.

As the temperature falls with sepia-toned leaves, the balance of degrees is restored in the season. The National Weather Service predicts cool days ahead, perfect for breaking out scarves, booties, comfy socks and dessert-scented candles. Like Hatchett said, “sweater weather is coming.”