Boil water order: Murray water could be unsafe to drink

Story by Destinee Marking, Staff writer

A boil water order is in effect for Murray Water System customers until further notice.

“At this time, the Murray Water System suspects the turbidity issue was a result of two incidents that occurred late Wednesday afternoon,” according to a press release from the city officials. “The first is from vibration near the clear well and the second as a penetration of a 30 inch water main.”

Turbidity refers to the clarity of liquids, and high turbidity causes a liquid to look cloudy.

The order is causing local restaurants to evaluate the situation and even close their doors.

Jay Page, QDOBA representative, said the restaurant closed earlier today once they were made aware of the order.

“Closing was a personal choice until we evaluated what exactly the situation was,” Page said.

Page said the QDOBA corporate office and the local health department were both consulted, and the restaurant was able to reopen after 3 p.m. as advised by both parties.

QDOBA employees are now using distilled water and mobile hand washing stations in the restaurant to keep everyone safe.

Wendy Cavarretta, Wendy’s general manager, said the restaurant also closed as soon as they were notified about the order around 11:30 a.m.

“The health department didn’t require us to close, but we were just too concerned about our customers to stay open,” Cavarretta said.

She said this order affects the restaurant “dramatically.” All food that was made earlier in the day had to be thrown out, and the restaurant is missing out on business. As soon as the order is lifted, Cavarretta said Wendy’s will reopen.

David Villers, McDonald’s employee, said he and other employees were required by supervisors to shut down, so the restaurant closed around 12:30 p.m.

“We’re hoping to be back open around roughly 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, as long as they allow us to be open,” Villers said.

He said employees stood outside the building telling customers they were closed.

In addition to restaurants closing, schools are forgoing classes tomorrow.

A status posted to the Calloway County Schools Facebook page states, “Due to the boil water alert for Calloway County, all Calloway County Schools will be closed Friday, October 27th.”

Murray Independent School District also announced it will be closed Friday.

To be safe, Murray Water System customers are advised to boil water for five minutes for anything involving water consumption: drinking, brushing teeth or cooking.