Saudi Student Organization met with university officials

Story by Destinee Marking, Contributing writer

The Saudi Student Organization (SSO) met with President Bob Davies, Vice President of Student Affairs Don Robertson and Chief of Police James Herring to discuss an array of topics that are impacting Saudi students.

The Saudi Student Organization is an organization that exists to help Saudi students and their efforts,” said Sultan Alotaibi, graduate student from Saudi Arabia.

The SSO has been an organization at Murray State for over five years and currently has over 200 members.

Alotaibi and Faisal Alotaibi, graduate student from Saudi Arabia, said focus points of the meeting included class availability, scholarships, summer school, parking and safety.

“I wanted to let them know we are here to support them and make sure they feel comfortable calling us if they need anything,” Herring said.

He spoke to the students about becoming familiar with and knowing how to use the LiveSafe mobile app.

Herring said meeting with student organizations like this is important because learning names and building relationships with as many students as possible allows him and those he works with to do their jobs better.

President Davies regularly attends student organization meetings such as this one as it provides an opportunity to maintain open dialogue with our students on a variety of topics,” said Adrienne King, vice president of university advancement.

Sultan and Faisal said the meeting was not necessarily about having anything about campus changed; rather, it was about building communication with university leaders.

Sultan said President Davies, Vice President Robertson and Chief Herring were open to discussion and expressed the fact they are always available to address any concerns that arise.

“We feel safe here, and we feel free,” Sultan said. “We feel like we’re involved with the American community.”