Keeping Connected with SGA 2-15-17

Story by Ashley Traylor, Staff writer

This week SGA met to discuss a tailgating policy, SGA’s budget and upcoming events.

Abigail French, coordinator of the Women’s Center and educational programs, presented a proposed tailgating policy.  

She said the policy outlines what the university enforces for football games, but extends it to any sporting event.

Some rules include:

  • Alcohol in plastic cups, not containers
  • Drinking games and kegs prohibited
  • Tent City is an exception to no alcohol inside the stadium
  • Limits will be placed on when tailgating is allowed

The tailgating procedure must be approved, but it will go into effect Fall 2017.

Caitlin Dunaway, vice president of finance, gave a report on SGA’s budget.

SGA had a beginning balance of $139,299. She said this money goes toward funding CAB events, Miss Murray State, conferences, slip funds, scholarships and salaries.

“Last year we sent back a lot of money that we didn’t use in our budget, so our goal was to use all of our money this year and not send any of it back, and we’re going to,” Dunaway said.

The remaining balance is $8,507.27.

The Rally for Education was Feb. 13, and Clint Combs, SGA president, had positive feedback about the event. He said about 200 people attended the rally.

“It was a great event,” Combs said. “I think we did make an impact.”

He said the board of student body presidents is working together to find ways they can further the impact. He encouraged the senate to continue the signing the petition to defend higher education.

Renee Fister, senior presidential adviser for strategic initiatives, said juniors and seniors will be receiving emails to vote for a distinguished professor.

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb. 27- Anthony Ervin Lecture in the Curris Center Ballroom at noon
  • March 9- Presidential Lecture 8 p.m. at CFSB Center