Murray residents encouraged to report potholes

Photo by Jenny Rohl/TheNews

Story by Michelle Hawks, Contributing writer

Murray residents have noticed a growing number of potholes within the city, which Keith Todd, public information officer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, said is predominantly because of recent weather.

“We normally see potholes when we have periods of wet weather in the spring or in the winter when we get extreme freezing and thawing,” Todd said.

He said potholes begin to form when water seeps into a crack in the pavement and freezes, expanding the crack. As more cars pass over it, material is loosened, causing the area to expand as the cycle continues.

Todd said extensive research to determine how they form and how to fix them is being conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Missouri Department of Transportation.

“Most people don’t know the science behind potholes,” Todd said. “They just know it’s bad for their cars.”

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet through its website or by calling KYTC-D1 at 270-898-2431 to report the location.

 “We try to get crews out and get them fixed as soon as possible,” Todd said.

However, he said it can be difficult to fill potholes in the winter months when nothing will stick to the bottom of the holes. In these situations, they must wait a few days before fixing them.

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s website, they are in charge of maintaining highways 641 and 121.

If the street does not have a designated highway number, it belongs to either the city of Murray or to Calloway County, depending on its location in relation to city limits.

Potholes on county roads – anything not within city limits – can be reported straight to the Calloway County Road Department at 270-753-4846.

If the road is within city limits, it can be reported to the Street Department at 270-762-0377.