Sarah Says: Brady’s Back

Guess who’s back? Brady’s back, tell a friend.

Tom Brady ushered his team to a 33-13 win over the Cleveland Browns, following his four-game deflategate suspension after the scandal in the 2014 season in the 2015 AFC Championship game.

The suspension was served for the first four games of the 2016 season and the Patriots went 3-1 despite Brady’s absence. The Patriots had solid quarterback play from Jimmy Garoppolo until he was injured in week two and Jacoby Brissett came into the game and had to take over the play-calling duties for the next two weeks. 

Whether the balls were or were not deflated is still a major controversy but there is no question if Brady’s play was deflated due to the suspension.

Brady led his team to W and boosted their record to 4-1 in his first game back against the Browns. Brady logged less than ‘rusty’ stats with 406 yards and three touchdowns.

Patriot fans have been long waiting for Brady’s return. There is a website that had a 30-day countdown of his return, right next to a blowup of his head. Creepy but  the time served has been twisted to reveal a “blessing in disguise” take on the suspension. Remaining completely objective on the subject, there is one undeniable factor; fans are experiencing Christmas early this year and his name is Tom Brady.

Rob Gronkowski even added a new word to the dictionary, solely describing Brady: Ampness.

“Everyone was intense today,” Gronkowski said, warming to his theme. “Everyone was amped up. Tom always brings the ampness,”  reported

Such a bromance should facilitate numbers and results – and it did. Brady to the “Gronk” in the fourth quarter led to 37 yards off a floater. Combining Brady’s ‘ampness’ and Gronk’s undeniable energy on the field proved a satisfying sight for Patriot fans.

The Patriots are leading the AFC East and are tied with the best record in the conference.

Despite Deflategate, one thing is for sure. The Patriots still love Brady and Brady loves the Patriots.