The Big Apple Café for sale

Staff Report

The Big Apple Café, known to most Murray residents as The Apple, is currently up for sale by the owner.

According to the TransWorld website, a venue for buying and selling large businesses, this is the first time the property has been put up for sale.

The website also lists the owner’s reason for selling – he has launched a new business with multiple locations.

The future of the Apple is currently unknown. It is listed on TransWorld as an “iconic café and bar,” so while it is likely that the restaurant will remain unchanged, the future is uncertain.

Management at the Apple declined to comment on both the status of the Apple’s sale or future plans for the restaurant.

The Apple has been an establishment in the region for more than 50 years, and has been in Murray since 2001, serving the community as a restaurant, bar and music venue.

According to the Apple’s website, the restaurant is currently owned by Boone Chambers, son of one of the earlier establishment owners.

If the restaurant sells, it will be the first time the establishment has been out of the Chambers family since 1983.