Regents discuss experiential learning, strategic plan, performance-based funding

Story by Abby Siegel, News Editor 

The Board of Regents discussed experiential learning, the strategic plan and performance-based funding among other topics during their Sept. 9 quarterly meeting.

The regents discussed an increase in experiential learning and the opening of an Office of Experiential Education in the future, highlighting opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning, such as service learning, internships and study abroad programs.

President Bob Davies said performance-based funding will be coming.

“By July 1, 5 percent of our budget will be based on some sort of performance metric,” Davies said.

Davies said by Dec. 1, the educational joint committee will submit a performance funding plan.

Regent Richard Rhodes said the university wants to pursue the lawsuit regarding education cuts from the last legislative session and that updates will be given when there are further details about the lawsuit.

Renee Fister gave an update on the strategic plan and retention rates, and emphasized the quality of the 2016 freshman class. This class has more high school valedictorians than ever before. The class is also down in number of students who need remedial courses.

“We are not just looking for numbers,” Davies said. “We are looking for students who are capable and ready for the college experience.”

Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs, said there is a new focus on first-generation students and there are support systems now in place to help them be successful in college, such as tutoring opportunities.

The finance committee discussed focus groups that are have been occurring on campus to discover the needs of students and how the university can meet those needs in a financially responsible way. It will be a three-month project and is a $120,000 contract approved by the Board of Regents.


  • A new occupational therapy graduate program will be coming in fall 2018 that will partner with hospitals in Paducah.
  • The new Engineering and Physics building is a little past 65 percent complete and will not open by January due to weather. A discussion has begun on how to transition into the building mid-semester.
  • The Murray State website will include more student testimonials and a new virtual tour of the campus.

The fall quarterly Board of Regents meeting is Dec. 9 in the Jesse Stuart room in Pogue Library.