Bull Blowout returns

Story by Jeff Ramsay, Contributing writer

Murray native Tyler Nelson, grew up dreaming about one day being a bull rider. Now, with the biannual Bull Blowout only days away, Nelson can finally take the crowd by storm in one wild ride.

For Nelson, who was an athlete through grade school, the adrenaline is what pushes him to compete.

“I played baseball for most of my life and rode motocross, but the adrenaline of bull riding can’t even compare to those sports,” Nelson said. “The challenge and the adrenaline is what makes the sport so addicting.”

He said in preparation for Bull Blowout a lot of work has gone into practicing and honing his skills.

“Just like any other sport, you have to practice as much as you can in order to get better,” Nelson said. “I am looking forward to Friday night; I am hoping I can put on a good ride for the audience and judges.”

The events at the 2016 Bull Blowout are bull riding, barrel racing, mutton busting and a calf scramble.

The calf scramble is where participants line up at one end of the arena and try to remove ribbons tied to the tail of three calves at the other end of the arena when the buzzer sounds.

Mutton busting is an event where children ride a sheep in the hugging position, released from a bucking chute, similar to bull riding but on a smaller scale.

Barrel racing is a rodeo event, usually for women, in which a horse and rider must race in a zigzag pattern around three barrels, competing for the fastest time.

Penny Parsons, event promoter and coordinator with Parsons & Milam Stock Contractors and Promoters, said this is the company’s 20th year producing the event.

“We will have over 100 contestants each night that come from all the surrounding states, including many locals from the Murray area,” Parsons said. “There will be about 100 mutton busters and 100 calf scramblers as well each night.”

Parsons made it clear that Bull Blowout is an open event in which anyone may enter. She also clarified that professionals are used for the judging and those competing in the bull riding, barrel racing and the calf scramble win prize money.

There will be vendors set up at the event for shopping and there will be souvenir Bull Blowout shirts and hoodies for sale.

There will also be concessions sold at the event through the Expo Center.

Comedy is also provided by Greg Reynolds, the coordinator’s funny man, who entertains throughout the entire Bull Blowout action.

“We try to make the event fun for the whole family,” Parsons said. “We would like for everyone to come out and enjoy Bull Blowout.”

Questions regarding Bull Blowout should be directed to Penny Parsons at pennyparsons@stewart.k12.tn.us.