DIY Halloween costume ideas

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

Story by Brianna WillisStaff writer

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

With the age of the Internet including websites like Pinterest, “do it yourself” style projects, or DIYs, have found their niche among holiday enthusiasts. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of the Halloween experience this season.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, allowing for festivities to take place all weekend, so make sure costumes are designed to last. Whether someone decides to go minimal effort, or full out theater worthy costuming, all clothing should reflect the weather, location of party or event and type of activity being performed. If attending a masquerade ball, it would make sense to be decadent. If attending a basement party, a costume with room to dance would be more beneficial.


For many, this weekend is a pay-day weekend, but be sure to budget wisely. Here are some tips to help make the most of finances while still having fun. Do a cost analysis. If someone spends all of their money on drinks, food or outlandish costumes, he or she could be tight financially until the next payday. Take into consideration how much it will cost to make or buy a costume, eat, get into a party or event and travel, if opting for out-of-town fun. Websites such as offer an array of advice for holiday budgeting.


When it comes to storebought, be strategic! Costumes that come prepackaged are awesome for last minute plans, but find a way to make them special. Add personal flair to any outfit and it will be a crowd pleaser.

Elle magazine did a story in February featuring Hollywood costume designers’ opinions on good style.

“Try something you haven’t tried,” the article said. “Be a little daring.”

If there is spare ribbon lying around, use it. If the costume image showed a man or woman wearing a certain accessory, use one different from the image shown or even included in the package to spice up the ensemble.


Be original! If opting to make a costume, make sure to have every measurement necessary to make an accurate fit. Get spare buttons or zippers, in case something breaks or malfunctions; it is always good to have a backup. Keep in mind what sort of materials used in making props or accessories in consideration of place, time and activity for your Halloween celebrations.

LA Weekly published an article on costuming and cosplaying for beginners. The article emphasized the necessity of making props or accessories crowd safe.

“Foam is great for not hurting the people who are walking in the crowd,” according to the article.

In general, remember to have fun! Whether someone decides to go historical with their fashion choices, be a famous character from literature or popular culture or just be a cute animal for a night, Halloween is about having fun and expressing yourself in a way many people don’t do on a daily basis. Be smart, be original and have fun.