The News’ Athlete of the Week: Ivan Roe

Ivan Roe

The News picked Ivan Roe for his young accomplishments and his career record set at the rifle team’s home match on Oct. 17.

Ivan Roe

Ivan Roe

1. How long have you been playing your sport and why did it interest you to begin with?

“I have been shooting rifle for 13 years now and it interested me originally because where I’m from in Montana everyone learns how to shoot from a very young age.”



Manhattan, Montana

High School:

Manhattan High School

2. What is it about your sport that makes you enjoy it?

“I enjoy rifle because of how challenging it is. It’s not really a head-to-head sport but it’s more individual. It’s you just trying to beat yourself and do the best you can and I really like just pushing my limits to see what I can do.”

3. How does it feel to be a young player and consistently make career records?

“I can say there isn’t a much better feeling than setting new records, and doing it at this time in my career just shows that there’s still room for improvement.”

4. What do you most look forward to the rest of the season?

“I’m most looking forward to seeing exactly what our team can accomplish. We’ve done so much already but we all know we can do even better, so I just look forward to us to continue to push our limits.”

5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone about accomplishment, what would you say?

“My advice about accomplishment would be that you should enjoy it in the moment but the work never ends because you can always get better.”