Letter to the Editor 10-15-15

The following are Facebook comments responding to Our View, “Pushing the limit.“ The Murray State News reserves the right to publish Facebook comments and messages in its print edition, as both the Facebook page and the newspaper are considered open public forums.

You can’t push the 15 to finish campaign then require students to pay extra to accomplish that goal.

Kiaya Young, Murray State alumna from Paducah

The real effect this may have, however, is a reduction in enrollment, a reduction in the quality of those who do enroll and a reduction in the public perception of [Murray State] as a good value in higher education. Indeed, it also stands to “punish” those who go above and beyond and try to graduate faster, and those whose degrees effectively require them to take large course loads. This may stand to push away borderline students who may be equally considering [Murray State/UT Martin/Southern Illinois University] or even just community college.

Monty Breneman, Murray State alumnus from Paducah