Nick’s Family Sports Pub closes


Photo by Hannah Fowl/The News

Story by Mary BradleyEditor-in-Chief and Alicia SteeleStaff writer

It has been confirmed to The News that Nick’s Family Sports Pub has been closed for unknown reasons.

Former employee of Nick’s, Rebecca Stamper, said the owner has been closing a handful of her businesses, including Yesterday’s Catfish Shack that closed last week in Paducah, Kentucky.

“The employees were under the impression that Nick’s was OK since it was still making money,” she said.

Stamper said Nick’s has passed all of the health inspections with “A” grades.

However, she said that the closure was not announced to any of the employees before closing its doors for good this morning.

“All of our employees were kind of blindsided,” Stamper said. “We had no idea.”

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  1. There are openings at Shogun Steak and Sushi if the former employees want to apply.

  2. Darn, those poor employees. I mean, I'm saddened by the loss of a cultural touchstone, even if it was marred by Yonts' underage drinking and murdering, but I mostly feel for those poor employees who are now without jobs and didn't have a chance to plan ahead.

  3. I'd like to know if the owner owns other businesses in the area.

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