Seek and You Shall Find

Column by Gisselle HernandezAssistant Features Editor

I’ve been here for a year now and I’m starting to realize every detail here that makes Murray the way it is; from every friendly-borderline-creepy hello when you’re just trying to buy ramen at Wal-Mart to now nonexistent drunken meals at Mary’s Kitchen at 3 a.m.

It’s true, Murray is a small, quiet town but when you look at it, it’s that sort of warm place you stumble upon that has a welcoming and embracing ambiance that eventually grows on you.

We get it, you’re from New York and this place is so lame compared to where you’re from. To you, there’s never anything fun happening and you could just die of boredom.

Just so you know, from where I come from, this place ranks next to Disneyland in things available to do.

I understand that Murray might not be as eventful and full of wild-partying as you expected your college experience to be.

Maybe you chose Murray State for it being the cheaper option, maybe you chose it for the proximity to home or maybe your parents chose it for you.

Murray State might not be the greatest place for you to reminisce about when you’re in your late 50s trying to convince your grandchildren that you weren’t a total loser in college when you were really spending your time binge-watching The Office on Friday nights.

By all means, it doesn’t hurt to give this little town a chance.

If you weren’t spending your time trying to tell everyone within earshot that Murray is a “dead-zone,” you might actually find nice little events worth going to in Murray.

Whether it’s an ice cream festival (because who doesn’t love free ice cream?) or kayaking at the lake, there will always be things to do. 

You need to realize there are other places that have far less things to do to keep you busy.

Appreciate the fun and not to mention good-for-you color runs, the free movies showing at the Curris Center, the cool (or terrifying) snake displays now and then at the Quad and try to get involved in clubs around campus as well.

Don’t expect for events to come  to you; go out and seek them. 

When you’re complaining about how absurd it is that there’s no mall, we don’t ask why didn’t you just stay in the North. So, why should you ask us why we chose to come here of all places?

Besides, the choice is clear.

If the mass water balloon fights and outstanding step shows won’t cause you to rethink the excitement of this place, the occasional celebrity appearances and yearly mind-blowing hypnotism acts will.