MTV star to perform in Lovett Auditorium


Story by Brianna WillisStaff writer

Murray State has brought many country artists to campus. However Todrick Hall, an Internet pop sensation, will break that mold on Sept. 28.



The event will be held in Lovett Auditorium, and will consist of a speech, performance and the viewing of an episode of Hall’s show.

Many may not recognize him by his name, but rather his accomplishments. Hall, 30, is originally from Texas and made his first appearance on the main stage in season nine of “American Idol.”

While he did not win, this did not keep him from pursuing music.

He began making YouTube videos and became an Internet phenomenon. He became very popular amongst YouTube goers, and even began making videos with other famous YouTubers.

BuzzFeed published an article on April 23, with the headline “This Disney ’90s R&B Remix Is What You Didn’t Know You Were Missing.’’ 

The Web became ablaze with this catchy and nostalgic video. 

Hall mashed up classic ‘90s songs with popular Disney songs.

He followed this success with a Beyonce mashup, similar in style to the Disney remix.

He no longer was limited to his day-one fans, but had reached a new height of popularity.

“From there, he grew to have a tour called the Toddler Ball, and performed his videos for people and they got insanely popular,’’ said Nathan Payne, vice president of the Student Government Association. ‘‘MTV reached out to him, and now he has a show.’’

The talent agency Murray State uses reached out and asked if the University would be interested in making a bid to be one of eight schools featured in Hall’s MTV show.

“Murray State does a lot of country, and our students have voiced they want other genres of performers,’’ said Jeanie Morgan, coordinator for student activities. ‘‘This is a perfect opportunity for them to enjoy more than just country.”

Students, such as Ivy Anderson, senior from Memphis, Tennessee, are excited about the new shift toward more diverse entertainers being on campus.

“If we’re going to allow entertainers to come on campus, it needs to be representative of the student body,” she said.

Anderson shared her enthusiasm about Todrick Hall coming to Murray State.

“Todrick Hall performs music that I actually listen to and I am always excited when a person of color comes to campus,” she said.

Anderson hopes more advertising for the event will be done.

“Now that I know he is coming, I will definitely be going,” Anderson said. “It is exciting that someone who does pop and R&B will be performing here and I hope the word gets out.”