Letter to the Editor 8-28-15

Dear Murray State freshmen – I realize some of you grew up here. But I know many of you didn’t. So, welcome to Murray.

Throughout the years, this town has earned recognition as being a top retirement destination, a great place for kids, and one of the friendliest U.S. cities. Regardless, this town is different when the college students are here. The traffic is thicker, the restaurants have longer waits, and the stores are more crowded, but there is also a proud blue and gold spirit that runs deeply.

I came to Murray State 18 years ago. I say that and still wonder how half of my life – literally, another 18 years! – has been lived since I walked into Clark Residential College room that I shared with a high school friend. Of course, that Clark has been demolished. A newer one – which at this point is nearly a decade old – is down the street and another new residential college is planned for the vacant ground I once called home.

At that time, Murray seemed so very far from my Oldham County home. Four hours that separated my old life from my new life was exciting and terrifying. Now, the Louisville area is a weekend destination.

I lived in the residential colleges for four years – and loved it. I walked to classes, many of which were in Wilson Hall.

Some of those days seem like yesterday, y’all, but so much has happened since. In recent days, as I’ve seen trucks loaded with your belongings turn toward campus, I’ve been reminiscing.

I came into college with a plan: earn a print journalism degree and write for a big-city newspaper. I saw myself living in Louisville or maybe another Midwestern city. What I didn’t factor into the equation was falling in love – with my college boyfriend who is now my husband or more deeply with God.

I earned that degree, but, really, otherwise, my life looks nothing like I planned. But you know what? I wouldn’t change the small-town life with my entrepreneur husband. I tell our family’s adoption story over and over because my kids – who they are and how God made us a family – is full of faith and surprise. In so many ways, I’m more adventurous now than I ever was on Murray State’s campus.

What I would change goes back to those college years. I would have slowed down and taken more pictures. (I know, that’s easier now. I had a cell phone I only used to call my mom because the Louisville-based number made it cheaper than long distance on the landline. Yes, the landline. Come on, this was 1997, the same year I got my first email address, which I checked once a day from a computer lab on campus.)

I wish I could tell my 18-year-old self to relax and notice God more. I would have stressed less and realized education is important but so little of it actually comes from the classroom. Listen to and learn from those around you. Hold tightly to your people, but hold loosely to most everything else. Yes, work toward your degree. Make plans, but remember that God may have an even better life awaiting you.


A 2001 Murray State grad who never thought she’d call this town home but does so happily

Letter from Kristin Hill Taylor, Alumnus from Murray, Kentucky