WKMS to host special guest during ‘Live Lunch’ broadcast

It seems impossible that the radio can break away from playing the same music that we hear on a daily basis.  It’s all golden oldies, country hits and top forty songs.

However, right here in Murray we have some relief thanks to WKMS. Not just because the music is different, but in some cases, it’s even live.

“Sounds Good” for instance plays their daily radio show at noon on 91.3 FM. “Live Lunch” is more than regular airplay, as well.

Live Lunch is one of the station’s biggest hits. Hosts Tracy Ross and Austin Carter take local talent and have them perform a small set on air during their show.

WKMS has had talents that play everything from funk and blues to country and folk.

The upcoming “Live Lunch” will display singer-songwriter Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters.

Dittmeier was born and raised in southern Indiana. He was the front man for the alternative country band Slithering Beasts for five years until deciding to go solo in 2013.

He’s had tremendous success in his singer-songwriting career, even earning a nomination for “Songwriter of the Year” at the inaugural Louisville Music Awards. This information and more can be found on his personal website and Facebook page.

Moving forward in his career, Dittmeier gets more out of the music than the awards.

“I really try not to focus on that stuff, I really just try to focus on getting better and getting my songs out to people,” Dittmeier said.

Like history’s most memorable musicians, Dittmeier believes in being in it for the thrill of performing.

“I’m just excited to keep playing in front of people and working with my band, which I think the world of,” said Dittmeier. “Right now we’re just writing new songs and working on a new record for early 2016.

This is Dittmeier’s first visit to Murray and he is ready for the challenge of performing live on radio rather than in person.

“The best part of doing the live radio is trying to translate the live energy we bring to the listeners at home,” he said.

Dittmeier’s performance as well as every future “Live Lunch” will be on air at 91.3 FM, or you can watch live past performances on WKMS’ website.

Story by Taylor InmanStaff writer