Tap 216 – new kid on the block

Haley Hays/The News Tap 216, the new bar replacing The Olive, is still undergoing construction.
Haley Hays/The News Tap 216, the new bar replacing The Olive, is still undergoing construction.

Haley Hays/The News
Tap 216, the new bar replacing The Olive, is still undergoing construction.

The corner of Olive and 15th streets has seen many owners through the years, but the building that once housed The Olive is now getting a major facelift.

A new addition to Murray’s bar scene, Tap 216, is opening in its place. 

Everything in the bar has been updated.

The flooring, lighting, ceiling, walls and patio have all been replaced or improved. The owners chose to not use a contractor, but instead are relying on other small businesses in Murray to work on the building.

Brandon Edmiston, Aron Sweeney and Ron Sweeney are the co-owners of the business. Edmiston is the owner of the building, as well as the bowling alley undergoing renovations, Corvette Lanes.

Justin Kimbro, formally set to co-own the bar, played a major role in the renovations.

“We could have went in and slapped paint on the walls and opened 15 days after we got the building,” Kimbro said. “But we wanted to do it right.”

The renovations will not be the only difference between The Olive and Tap 216. Unlike The Olive, the new bar will be nonsmoking.

The food and beverage menu is also seeing improvements. Healthy options inspired by Boulder’s Deli and beer selections from Paducah Brew Works will be incorporated.

The owners have not yet acquired a liquor license, but due to zoning laws, Kimbro said the bar will most likely close at midnight to maintain a 70-to-30 food to alcohol sales ratio.

Kimbro said the improvements are supposed to serve as a testament to what the place is.

Many members of the Murray community and Murray State alumni fondly remember businesses that previously occupied the building.

“It felt like the Cheers of Murray,” Carter Jones, Murray State alumni, said about the The Olive.

“Ricky, the bar manager, was always at the front door with a greeting. There was live music, trivia on Monday night, and a great bar staff. It was a true dive bar through and through and that’s what made it so inviting,” he said.

Colin Horwood, former employee of The Olive, said Tap 216 will likely bring in a different crowd.

“My time at The Olive will always be a fond memory. Having both been a patron and an employee, I got to see both sides of The Olive. I’ve made many lifelong friends there,” he said.

Horwood also said the location and great prices appealed to many students. 

Tap 216 has not set an exact date that it will open its doors but renovations will continue until the business is ready.

“It’s not always about making money,” Kimbro said. “It’s about doing what you love whether you make money or not.”

Story by Lucy Easley, Staff writer

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  1. A major facelift on the interior is great; unfortunately, that building had one of the few, if only, true Art Deco exteriors remaining in Murray and it's now gone forever.

  2. The owners attitude is remarkable and certainly will set a new standard for Murray.

  3. Ought "formally" be "formerly"?

  4. I had fun at the Olive when I worked there !!!!!

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