WKMS to host Battle of the Bands competition

With guitars wielded and drum sticks at the ready, bands of Murray are prepared to enter another great Battle of the Bands.

The annual Battle of the Bands will be at 7 p.m. on March 26. This is the second Battle of the Bands hosted by WKMS.

This Battle of the Bands will be different from last year, with solo acts eligible to enter.

The finalists will compete live for a chance to win a promotion package worth $3,000.

The promotions will include a performance of “Live Lunch” on WKMS’s midday program “Sounds Good.”

The winning band will have access to other publicity materials and a spotlight on the band on WKMS’s website. 

The winners will also have the opportunity to hold a one year full slide at Maiden Alley Cinema promoting their band and perform as a headliner at the upcoming Music at MAC event or CD release party.

“The air time is invaluable,” said Shannon Vetter, member of last year’s winning band Gideon’s Rifle. “Our song ‘Angstadt,’ was played over a dozen times. It was my first radio interview and after we won it was our first time playing on the radio. I wish we could compete again this year. Even being selected as a semifinalist is a lot of good exposure.”

The song submission must be sent via MP3 to msu.wkms@murraystate.edu or CD to 2018 University Station, Murray, KY 42071.

Be sure the band’s submission includes the band name, names of band members, where the band is from, phone number, email address  and any other information that you would like to include.

There also must be a signed release form for WKMS to showcase your song.

The release form can be found on WKMS’s website or at WKMS’s station, which is located on the eighth floor of Price Doyle Fine Arts Building, in room 817.

The song submitted can be any song the band wants but it must be appropriate according to the Federal Communication Commission‘s standards.

The song must be an original creation by the band, be a radio-quality recording  and be a different submission than last year’s submission for the second time.

Bands with preexisting recording contracts or that are employed by WKMS are restricted from entering the contest.

WKMS had a large turnout last year, and are expecting the same this year.

“Last year we had nearly 40 bands enter,” said Jenni Todd, Membership Coordinator  at WKMS. “Program Director and ‘Sounds Good’ and ‘Beyond the Edge’ host Tracy Ross anticipates about the same number of entries this year.”

Last year’s winner Gideon’s Rifle will help judge the submissions, along with WKMS music hosts and  WKMS listeners.

By entering the contest, bands agree to perform live in the final round if chosen and must have 3 songs prepared to do so.

They must also agree to allow WKMS to air their submitted song on the air during local programming and as part of a “Battle of the Bands” compilation CD as a special fundraiser.

Story by Taylor InmanStaff writer