Letter to the Editor 11-7-14

I have never written a Letter to the Editor before. However, your article on the Eracism event warranted a response. I applaud the article, which provided a nice write-up on an event I wish more people actually paid attention to. How unfortunate is it that after the Yik-Yak piece that was written a few weeks prior about the Waterfield protests, that yet another event tackling race issues is needed. It was absolutely infuriating to sit and watch this open forum, where people were asked and invited to share their opinions, be ignored and trashed on an anonymous app. People saying ignorant things, voicing their opinions behind an anonymous guise. Why is it when race is mentioned on this college campus, people get hostile? Here was the perfect opportunity for people to become informed college members, hearing from professors and fellow classmates about real facts and real experiences. Here was the perfect opportunity for an open and honest dialogue to be held where people share their confusion on minority scholarships, or the need for a Black History Month. And yet, the only people who spoke were the ones who don’t need the education. They have experienced racism firsthand, in life, and on this campus. So again, thank you for covering the event. I hope as we move forward as a campus, we have more open dialogues that everyone, no matter what their skin color, participate in.


Letter from Brianna Willis, Junior from Memphis, Tenn.