Overheard conversations

People hear reporters on television and in magazines talk about how celebrities are “just like us.”

But the idea that someone whose entire life is documented in tabloids and drives around in a $200,000 Range Rover can be anything like you sounds absolutely insane.

But in reality, it’s the truth.

With the experiences I have had with celebrities in the past, I’ve learned they are just as normal as anyone.

They get excited about redecorating their homes or starting new businesses just as any non-famous person would.

I figured this out the first time I was able to seat-fill at the CMT Awards in 2011.

I was sitting next to Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band and he was mid-conversation with Kenny Chesney, who was in the row in front of us.

Chesney was almost falling out of his seat to hear about how excited Brown was to tell him about his new record label he was starting all on his own.

You could tell Chesney was just as happy and excited as Brown was for his new adventure.

Another time I saw this kind of normalcy and frienship among celebrities was at the CMT Awards this past June. Carrie Underwood was sitting to the left of her husband, Mike Fisher, and I was to the right of him.

During a commercial break, Blake Shelton walked over to talk to the couple and share some exciting news in his and his wife, Miranda Lambert’s, life.

Shelton told the Fishers about the pond he and Lambert had started building even though they, hadn’t gotten their pond permit approved by the city yet.

Shelton couldn’t get over the fact that they had to have a permit to dig their own pond.

“Where I come from, if you wanted a pond you just went out in the back yard and started diggin’,” Underwood said to Shelton, in the friendliest little way you could imagine.

Although all of us may not be blessed with a million dollar voice or Oscar-worthy acting chops, people are people.

We all have our similarities no matter how different we think our life is from someone like Carrie Underwood.

Odds are, you are more alike than you think.

Column by Breanna Sill, Assistant Features Editor