Zones, times change for parking lots on campus

Haley Hays/The News Abby McWherter, senior from Benton, Ky., gets into her car in a red zone commuter lot.
Haley Hays/The News Abby McWherter, senior from Benton, Ky., gets into her car in a red zone commuter lot.

Haley Hays/The News
Abby McWherter, senior from Benton, Ky., gets into her car in a red zone commuter lot.

Notable parking changes are occurring across campus this semester that may not be known by all students.

The newest includes permitted parking at the Curris Center from 5 p.m. to midnight.

All one-hour parking and visitor spaces are available for use during this time.

The vehicle owners must present a valid Murray State parking pass.

Spaces labeled as “restricted” and “designated disability” spaces are remaining zoned, meaning an approved restricted permit or disability pass is needed.

Francie Ray, Public Safety and Emergency Management parking supervisor, said the University monitors parking areas on campus to observe parking trends and usage.

“As (the parking office) monitors, we evaluate not only visually the vehicles, times and spaces that are being utilized by our consumers, but we also evaluate the events, attendees and consumers of parking utilizing those parking areas,” Ray said.


Other parking changes include:

• Heritage Hall parking lot A will be a blue, red, yellow and brown zone

• Immanuel Lutheran Church will be blue, red, yellow and brown zone

• The Sorority Suites will be a blue, red, yellow and brown zone

• Ryan Southeast, located at the corner of 16th Street and Ryan Avenue, will now be a blue and red zone

• Kentucky College Terrace South parking lot will be red and green

• Hamilton Field will be red, brown and yellow


Parking classifications are as followed:

• Blue – faculty and staff parking only

• Red – commuter parking only

• Yellow – upper class men living in the North Residential College complex only

• Brown – Regents and White Residential College residents only

• Green – College Court residents only

• Purple – freshmen parking at Stewart Stadium only

Ray said students and community members in particular requested the Curris Center parking change.

“We feel this change will greatly benefit our students, faculty and staff as they attend or participate in events at the Curris Center,” she said.

Darlene Beard, freshman from Mayfield, Ky., commutes to campus daily.

She said she was unaware parking changes had taken place, but she is glad they did.

“It is oftentimes hard to find a space on campus everyday, especially in the red zone,” she said.

Beard said she hopes the University administration keeps working on ways to increase parking and make it better for students.

Michael Dobbs, president of the Student Government Association, said complaints about parking from students are the ones he hears the most.

“The way I see it, our parking situation could be a lot worse, like other universities where (students) have to pay more money for worse spaces,” he said. “We still make it our mission to hear students out and work together with the University to bring about positive and beneficial changes.”

Ray said there are no more plans at this time to change parking in the near future.

Dobbs said many students were under the impression that Curris Center parking wasn’t zoned.

He said parking is always a hot topic for students.

“When there is a positive change, like more parking, students are always going to be happy about that, but when it comes to not being able to find a space or getting ticketed, they feel pretty negatively,” Dobbs said. “Parking is an issue that is almost always being discussed and debated.”

Students may contact the parking office at 270-809-4812 with any questions or concerns.


Story by Rebecca Walter, News Editor