University honored for the 5th year in a row

For five years in a row, Murray State has been recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of its “Great Colleges to Work For.”

Murray State was particularly recognized for its teaching environment.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website, in order for an institution to be considered a great teaching environment, the faculty members must say the institution recognizes innovative and high quality teaching.

In an email to The Murray State News, Jay Morgan, vice president of Academic Affairs said, “This designation really validates Murray State’s story of why faculty come to Murray State, and many of them for their entire careers.”

He said it shows the dedication of the Murray State faculty and staff.

“I think one of the reasons our teaching environment is great and faculty want to work at Murray State is that they have the freedom within their discipline area to teach the courses that they want to teach and conduct the research that they want to conduct,” Morgan said. “When we hire faculty, we generally tell them before they are hired what the course load will be, what they will be teaching, as well as other expectations, and that, ultimately, creates an environment to which they are satisfied in their decision to come to Murray State.”

Many professors stay at Murray State because they are able to teach their classes however they please.

Professors are able to choose what kind of activities they want their classes to participate in, Morgan said.

“I see that we employ group work, collaborative learning, competency based learning, mastery learning, flipped classrooms, ITV, online instruction and much more,” David Whaley, dean of the College of Education said.

“As I participate in the teaching and learning that goes on here, I also see that our teachers model a constructivist philosophy one that encourages teachers to be master guides in the learning process and for students to co-construct their learning process,” he said.

Not only do some professors say Murray State is a great place to work at, many students who work on campus are pleased with the environment as well.

Caitlin Murnane, freshman from Paris, Tenn., likes working on campus because of the convenience.

“I enjoy working in Winslow because they are really flexible with my schedule,” Murnane said.

Kelci Fulkerson, senior from Leitchfield, Ky, works in customer service in the University Store.

She said she likes working on campus because if she needs off she is able to find someone to cover her shift quickly.

“If I need to be off quickly because of classes or something else, they are willing to work with me and help me find someone to cover my shift quickly.” Fulkerson said.

Karen Trevarthen, junior, from Mayfield, Ky., likes working on campus because the University is able to work together well with students and their schedules. “Working with Murray State catering feels like being around family. Everyone is comfortable around each other,” Trevarthen said.

Teachers enjoy working at Murray State because they are able to pick and choose what should be included in curriculum. Students love working on campus because they are flexible with their class schedules and students are able to work as a team.


Story by Brittany Risko, Staff writer