College Courts scheduled for summer renovations

College Courts will receive an update this summer as well, using the same funds allotted to the University to renovate Hester Residential College.

After years of students living in on campus apartments, College Courts will go through several renovations to make them safer and more efficient for students to live in.

Kim Oatman, director of Facilities Management, said many new systems will be installed into the College Courts complex over the summer.

These installations include a new fire suppression system (sprinklers) in about half of the buildings, new windows and doors in all of the buildings and a new hot water system.

Oatman said the new hot water system could possibly include solar panels. He said this is currently being studied.

He also said they will be abating the apartments with asbestos and installing new flooring in about half of the buildings, along with some exterior improvements to the buildings as well.

“Most of these projects are being funded with agency bond money that Murray State received when we issued bonds for the Hester renovation and miscellaneous housing projects last year,” Oatman said. “Total estimated cost of the improvements this summer is approximately $1.5 million.”

Kaila DiMaggio, junior from Marion, Ky., said she has lived in College Courts for two semesters.

She said she decided to move to the complex for several reasons.

“When debating on moving to an actual apartment, I liked the option of College Courts better because I wouldn’t be stuck in a year-long lease,” DiMaggio said. “And I am on campus so I can still be involved with spur of the moment activities instead of having to plan commute time.”

She said she is thrilled that renovations will be taking place to her apartment building.

“Now that sprinklers are being installed it will ease my mind while I sleep that there is some protection put in place for fires,” DiMaggio said. “I would like to see the washer and dryers put back.

“There is too many families to have to fight over washers or have to walk down three blocks to wash your clothes.”

DiMaggio said she likes living in College Courts because of the privacy it allows her and the fact that she has her own kitchen and bathroom.

She did say there are some improvements she would like to see made.

“If you are lucky enough to have an outlet in your bathroom (not everyone does) there’s only one and it is attached to the light bulb. I would greatly appreciate having one installed so all my bathroom stuff can stay in my bathroom,” she said. “College courts has given me a middle ground that is ultimately kept me at Murray State and I could not see myself living anywhere else.”

Said DiMaggio: “I think the renovating actions are long overdue and I’m happy they’re taking place.”


Story by Alex Mahrenholz, Staff writer