Sigma sails to a victory

Jenny Rohl/The News Sophomore Sigma Neely Gallimore goes in for a pass.
Jenny Rohl/The News Sophomore Sigma Neely Gallimore goes in for a pass.

Jenny Rohl/The News
Sophomore Sigma Neely Gallimore goes in for a pass.

Two sorority soccer heavyweights, Kappa Delta A and Sigma A, battled it out on Tuesday night with Sigma coming out on top 2-0. Kappa Delta came into the game with a 2-1 record, while Sigma A sported a 2-3 record.

Both teams were down a player to begin the game as they could only field four players. Sigma seemed to take the situation in stride early as they controlled the battle for field position.

Sigma capitalized on their advantage with a score by junior Taylor Rhoades, sneaking behind the defense and shooting one past KD’s keeper, junior Lena Hartlage.

KD responded with energy, lofting a corner kick to the opposite side of the field. They couldn’t capitalize, however, and the score remained 1-0.

Sigma gained their fifth player about midway through the first half, while KD remained a player short.

The action went back and forth for the remainder of the half with both teams having opportunities to score but neither finding the net. Sigma A had several shots that got away from them and went just over the crossbar. KD’s outmanned defense stayed strong and finished the half only trailing by one.

“The game started slow because both teams only had four players,” Sigma sophomore Libby Landes said. “After we both had six the game was much more competitive.”

The second half started in much the same way as the first, with Sigma dominating the possession game while KD was down a player.

Early in the half, junior Loni Blackmon entered the game for KD to even the numbers. Sigma seemed unfazed, however, as they immediately scored their second goal of the match off the foot of sophomore Neely Gallimore.

The game was much more evenly played after that, as KD had several quality shots on goal that kept things interesting. The second half ended with little drama, however, as Sigma A cruised to the 2-0 victory.

“KD played really well,” Rhoades said. “It was a hard fought game and it was really fun to be a part of.”

Both teams are back in action next week as they gear up for the intramural soccer playoffs.


Story by Peter Northcutt, Staff writer