Emme falls short in air rifle

Though she fared better in her score today in the air rifle competition than Friday in smallbore, junior Kelsey Emme was unable to earn a spot in the finals of the NCAA Rifle Championships.

As in smallbore, only the top eight individual scorers advanced to the final round. Unlike smallbore, air rifle had only two relays of shooters, and Emme was in the later group.

After the first relay, there was a tie for eighth place with a score of 586.

This season, Emme averaged a 585.8 in air rifle, and shot a season high of 592, meaning a spot in the finals was not out of the question.

For much of the match, Emme’s scores were on pace with her top competitors. However, as in the day before, a few misfires dropped her out of contention.

Emme finished the day with an aggregate score of 584, ending her chance at making the finals.

By the end of the second relay, the eighth-pace score had risen to 591.

Though she finished only 12 points behind the first-place score and seven points behind the eighth-place shooter, Emme finished air rifle in 30th of 46 competitors.

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