Online shopping offers choices, deals

Kate Russell/The News Students surf popular websites to score deals on items such as clothing.

Online shopping is a growing fad in the world of a college student. Given that Murray has a limited variety of malls and stores, students find their favorite brands and styles online.

Websites such as Amazon, Retail Me Not and Groupon have given online shoppers an advantage when purchasing clothes and apartment accessories.

“I shop online more than I shop in stores,” said Kelsey Randolph, sophomore from Brandenburg, Ky. “It’s easier for college students, especially in Murray, because the closest mall is 45 minutes away.”

The convenience of online shopping is one of the main reasons that it is so popular among college students. Instead of fighting the traffic and register lines on a Saturday morning, shoppers make purchases from the comfort of their own home.

“It’s so much more convenient because I don’t have to go out,” said Deanne Rodgers, junior from St. Louis, Mo. “I can buy clothes at home.”

Other advantages of online shopping are the discounts. Many stores offer online promotional codes so that buyers can save money.

On websites like Amazon and Ebay, multiple sellers offer the same item at different prices. The buyer can decide whether he or she wants a new or used item. E-commerce websites are becoming more popular because they allow the buyer to read reviews of previous buyers and contact the item’s owner if they have any questions.

Many sellers will also have holiday sales and the host website may have promotional deals.

“Shopping on Ebay is great because that’s where you can get the best prices, and I can read other buyers’ reviews,” said Lane Northcutt, junior from Frankfort, Ky.

On the other hand, sometimes it is hard to judge whether the item will fit or is of good quality. Some students prefer to see their potential purchases in person, especially clothing.

“I shop more in stores than I do online because you never know if the clothes are going to fit,” said Leia Deshon, freshman from Olney, Ill. “I would rather try things on.”

However, stores rarely cater to people with special clothing needs. Therefore, their last resort is to go online and find stores that sell their specific size.

“It is hard to find my size in stores because I’m so tall,” said Alex Donovan, junior from Columbia, Ill. “I have to shop for clothes online to find my size.”

On websites like Etsy, anyone can set up a “shop” and sell their clothes, artwork, furniture or accessories.

In some cases, the buyer can contact the seller and request a custom order. Whether it is a custom size or custom color, the seller may cater to each individual client and maintain a successful business.

Online shopping is a growing fad. Although there may be risks involved in ordering items from the Internet, most students praise its convenience and low cost.


Story by Madison Wepfer, Staff writer