Student preaches beliefs on campus

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Photo Illustration Fumi Nakaruma/The News Cash Willis preaches from the bench to those who pass by.

Photo Illustration Fumi Nakaruma/The News
Cash Willis preaches from the bench to those who pass by.

On the stroll through campus, students come across individuals they see on a daily basis. Some faces are often more recognizable than others. One student many students have seen in action is Cash Willis.

Willis, senior from St. Louis, Mo., spends Mondays and Wednesdays sharing the Gospel to the students and faculty on campus.

Willis is president of Phi Beta Sigma and is a McNair Scholar involved in robotic research. He is majoring in manufacturing technology and plans to pursue a doctorate degree in robotics.

For some students, the activities they do once classes have finished for the day reflect their majors. This way, when compiling experience for resumes, employers see that the student has experience in their field of anticipated work.

This isn’t true for all, though. Personal interests and beliefs can inspire students to spend their time doing things that will nurture their personal goals rather than their career goals. “My major doesn’t influence my preaching nor is it something I seek to do as a career,” Willis said. “It is a response to his grace and mercy shown through Christ to a fallible man such as myself.”

Willis normally shares the Gospel on the walkway between the Curris Center and Waterfield Library.

Willis said that the audience turnout isn’t something that he pays too much mind to.

“Sometimes insults are thrown at me,” said Willis. “Sometimes they’re not.”

Preaching is a risky activity to pursue on a campus because of the diversity and different beliefs. However, he stands tall and speaks to those who will listen, he said.

“The Gospel is for everyone who has sinned,” Willis said. “Unless you are perfect, it does apply to you. In other words, it is targeted at everyone.”

Getting started and prepared for something such as preaching to a campus can be questionable. What are the ways to gather information to share? How does someone know what information to share?

Willis said that his preparation usually begins through prayer, reading his Bible and watching videos of sermons. He also preaches about topics that are part of current events and what is relevant to students while staying true to the Scripture.

Getting started could be credited to being led by God, Willis said. The gospel message was one of urgency as it concerns one’s eternity either with or away from God.

Despite criticisms, Willis has been preaching on campus for roughly two to three years and continues to do so in order to hopefully encourage others to come Christ.

College does not tie him down if he is asked to spread the Gospel to different places, he said. Being happily married and a regular blogger, Willis has managed to find the time to focus on his educational career as well as his personal passions. He has done so with no influence from outside sources such as family or peers.

Whether it’s an assignment, a fraternity event or a heartfelt sermon delivered on campus, Willis said he glorifies God in everything he does.

Willis believes that no matter the inspiration or belief, students such as he can move mountains and start revolutions with hard work, determination and by standing by their values.


Story by Katrina Yarbrough, Staff writer