Innapropriate Instagram account claims tie to Murray State

An Instagram account with photographs of nude women has been posted under a name claiming affiliation to Murray State.

The account includes a phone number and asks women to send in nude pictures. There are currently seven photographs up, without faces or names attached to them.

The photo in the top left corner contains the Murray State shield.

Student Government Association president, Jeremiah Johnson, was notified about the account and said he contacted Dana Howard, social media marketing manager for the University.

“I don’t support anything that degrades women or makes our students look bad,” Johnson said.

The Murray State social media policy states under courses of action:

“For accounts that are deemed as false accounts or wrongly representing the university or slandering the university, they will be reported immediately as “impersonation” (most platforms have strict rules against this) and requested that the account be deleted.”

The Instagram Privacy & Safety Center states:

“Accounts found sharing nudity or mature content will be disabled and your access to Instagram may be discontinued.”

Editor’s note: The Murray State News purposely left out the name of the Instagram account because we do not think it should be promoted online. Any necessary information to the story has been included.

Staff report