Alpha Sigma Phi earns shutout win

Alpha Sigma Phi shut out Sigma Pi 33-0 in flag football Monday. Alpha Sigma Phi intercepted three Sigma Pi passes, running two of them down the field for touchdowns.

Players from both sides said they did not expect the blowout.

“I knew we were playing a very good Sigma Pi team,” said Austin Wynn, sophomore and defensive coordinator for Alpha Sigma Phi. “I’ve seen them play against Sig Ep, and they played very well against them, so I told the team just come out ready to play. Anything can happen on any given night.”

Junior Matthew Komerous, who plays for Sigma Pi, said he was disappointed with the performance.

“We were probably our own worst enemy in this game,” he said. “I can honestly say that. I thought it was going to be a pretty evenly matched game.”

He said the team ran sloppy plays and didn’t come focused.

After winning the fraternity division last year and placing second overall, Sigma Pi holds a 2-2 record this season.

Alpha Sigma Phi’s team captain and quarterback, sophomore Taran Coleman, led his team to victory with multiple touchdown passes. He said leading a rambunctious group of fraternity men isn’t always the easiest task, though.

“There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it, as far as getting people out and getting people to listen,” he said.

Coleman said many people have their own opinion on what works, and he’s open to hear those things in the huddle.

“I ask my guys, ‘Hey, what’s working? What does it look like out of your route? Are you open?’” he said. “Little things like that can help. But as far as making the call, the guys respect the call that I make in the huddle and we just execute from there.”

During the game, two Alpha Sigma Phi players collided, one busting his head and another busting his nose, in addition to a Sigma Pi player leaving the field with a scraped forehead.

“The game got pretty physical,” Coleman said. “Most of these guys are used to playing football, and used to getting knocked around a little bit. As far as that goes, they’re tough guys.”

Coleman laughed at the good play of his center, Mike Filosa, who left the game with two touchdowns.

“I had good play out of my center tonight,” Coleman said. “He had two touchdowns. He usually doesn’t play very well, but for tonight in a game like this, coming off a loss like we did against Sig Ep, we really needed big play out of our role players, and he showed up tonight.”

Wynn said intramural football may not be a real college sport, but the games still meant something to his fraternity.

“Even though it’s college and even though it’s intramurals, they play like it’s a real high school football game,” Wynn said. “It’s just a great time to be an Alpha Sig right now. “


Story by Mallory Tucker, Staff writer