Accepting Defeat: The life of a Cowboys fan

The Dallas Cowboys have brought me wins, Halloween costumes and embarrassing photos throughout the years.

But one constant they’ve also seemed to hand me is sheer disappointment.

I will never understand why Dez Bryant can’t catch the ball at the most critical times or – yes, I’ll finally admit it – why Tony Romo cracks under pressure.

Right now, the Cowboys sit at a 5-4 record and at the top of their division.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy my team is leading the NFC East, but it’s pretty pathetic that they’re the only ones with a winning record.

Even with a climb back from the bottom, the NFC East is still well below the level of other divisions.

Disappointment seems to be the theme in the division.

Robert Griffin III hasn’t impressed like he did in 2012 and the New York Giants are stunningly horrible this season.

The Giants lost their first six games and won their last two – against teams who didn’t have their starting quarterbacks in the mix.

Three mediocre teams and one team who seemed to forget the goal of football only equals a disappointing playoff season.

With a dozen inconsistencies to choose from, I’m afraid the outcome will be a loss against a playoff team from a stronger division.

But for now, I shouldn’t be thinking about the playoffs.

Since the Cowboys’ last Super Bowl win in 1996, 16 seasons ago, Dallas has only managed to take two playoff wins.

The team has had 15 starting quarterbacks and six head coaches. They’ve had a nearly even record at 135 wins and 130 losses since 1996.

Again, it is so difficult to be a Cowboys fan.

The mediocrity has to stop at some point, because being the head of the worst division in the NFL won’t get them anywhere.

I feel as though the Cowboys have had nothing but distractions on the field and in the stands for the last several years.

From a new, outrageous stadium to bringing on Terrell Owens, the flashy image Jerry Jones is going for will produce his team no Superbowl appearances.

ESPN columnist Skip Bayless feels my pain. Bayless expresses the patience he’s losing in the team he has grown up loving.

The Cowboys are in the limelight as often now as they were in the years leading up to 1996 – but for none of the right reasons. Analysts fight over Romo’s subpar overall performance and Bryant’s temper tantrums.

Meanwhile, RGIII will improve and the Redskins will gain ground in the NFC East.

More than likely, we’ll see a repeat of last year – a mediocre Dallas team and the Redskins in the playoffs.


Column by Lexy Gross, Editor-in-Chief