Softball team looks forward to playing on new field

The new Racer softball field should be completed in time for a doubleheader against Memphis May 1.

When the Murray State softball team played its inaugural season in 2010, it did not have its own field. Building a field on campus was always part of the plan, but one could not be constructed right away.

The Athletic Department was able to form a partnership with the parks in Murray in order to allow the team to use a field as a temporary solution.

In November 2012 construction began on the new on-campus softball field, located behind Roy Stewart Stadium where the old football practice field used to be.

Head Coach Kara Amundson said the program is very excited about this new addition.

“It’s something we can call our own for Racer softball,” she said.

Amundson said she is thankful to the city of Murray for allowing the team to use their facilities while the program was starting up. She said the park has allowed the program to grow during its first three years.

The field’s location will be near the other athletic facilities on campus.

“Being on campus allows us to be seen by people throughout the community,” Amundson said. “It’s going to instill a different sense of pride in being able to call it our home.”

Murray State’s Allen War, director of athletics, also said he believes the location is going to be important to the program.

“The on-campus facility will provide important visibility that will allow the sport to grow, while also providing an opportunity for students to identify with one of our up-and-coming programs,” Ward said.

He said even though the campus will not get to experience Racer softball until the end of the year, the new field will benefit the team in years to come.

“It’s going to help in recruiting and assist in developing our fan base,” Ward said.

The on campus location will allow students and faculty to easily watch games without having to leave campus.

Story by Megan Kavy, Staff writer.