Lady Terps win possession battle to defeat Sharks

The Springer-Franklin Lady Terps defeated the White College Sharks in intramural soccer Tuesday night.

White College team member, sophomore Jenn Allis, said the Sharks needed to defend better in order to win the game.

“After we scored our second goal, we should have came back with a stronger defense so they didn’t score on us again,” she said.

The Lady Terps took an early 1-0 lead after scoring a goal to start off the first half.

Following the goal, the Sharks took a long shot, which barely missed its mark. They got the ball back and forced the Lady Terps to kick it out of bounds.

The Lady Terps got the ball back quickly and took another shot that ended up being too high. This allowed the Sharks to take a goal kick and gain control of the ball.

Possession of the ball went back and forth for several minutes. Both teams took multiple shots, all of which were saved. The Sharks had a close chance to score on a corner kick but could not convert.

The Lady Terps continued to have consistent possession of the ball, only allowing the Sharks to touch it a few times.

The Sharks did manage to gain possession with 45 seconds left in the first half but could not produce a goal.

“We knew after the first half, that we needed to score,” Allis said.

The Lady Terps began the second half with possession of the ball, but the Sharks quickly stole it back.

The Sharks took a long shot from almost midfield, which was tipped in for a goal. The game was tied 1-1.

With new momentum, the Sharks kicked the ball up to their offense. They executed a perfect give-and-go and just missed the shot.

Both teams continued to battle for the ball, with the Lady Terps once again having the most control.

The Sharks fouled, and the Lady Terps had a fair opportunity to take back the lead.

However, the Sharks’ goalie made a diving save to stop the penalty shot from going in.

The Sharks made their way up the field, and the Lady Terps knocked the ball out of bounds.

On their corner kick, the Sharks hit their mark and scored a goal to take the lead, 2-1 with 10 minutes left.

Just after the Sharks scored, the Lady Terps turned around and scored a goal of their own off of a long shot, to tie the game 2-2.

The Sharks took possession and missed two close shots to give the Lady Terps possession of the ball. They dribbled skillfully down the field and scored another goal to take back the lead, 3-2.

With seven minutes left, the Sharks took control but turned the ball over quickly. The Lady Terps dribbled up the field again and easily scored a fourth goal, to lead 4-2.

Both teams took several more shots that all went above the goal. With 2:30 left, the Sharks attempted to score again, but missed all of their attempts. The Lady Terps won the game with a final score of 4-2.

 Story by Megan Kavy, Staff writer.