Dunn begins interviews at Youngstown State

President Randy Dunn has been named one of eight remaining semi-finalists for the position of president at Youngstown State University. This announcement came less than three weeks after the Board of Regents voted not to renew his contract with Murray State.

Dunn said he was aware of the opening at YSU prior to the board’s vote, but did not apply for the position until its decision was officially made, specifically until the weekend after the March Board of Regents meeting.

“When it became clear given the action of the board on March 15 that my time as president at Murray state would be ticking down in the next 16 months, that obviously called renewed interest to take a look at it,” he said.

This is not the first time Dunn has applied for a job at another university while still president of Murray State. Dunn was one of two finalists for the position of president at Missouri State in September and he was one of three finalists to be the next Florida Commissioner of Education in December.

Chair of the board Constantine Curris noted Dunn’s failure to alert the board in the previous two applications and the applications themselves as a breach of their trust and a major reason for the way the Regents voted.

The interviews for the position of president will be held this weekend at Hyatt Regency Pittsburg International Airport in Youngstown, Ohio.

The YSU presidential search committee is expected to narrow down the list of remaining candidates from three to five finalists by May 15 and hope to have selected a new president by June 12.

Staff Report