Letter to the Editor: 04.12.13

I am writing in response to the staff editorial “Board of Regents not above the law,” and the notion that an illegal meeting was held during the social gathering the evening before the Board of Regents’ meeting March 15. Your argument might have some merit if the seven that voted to not renew Dr. Dunn’s contract were the ones that were invited. However, that is not the case. It was nothing more than a gathering of professionals, who donate their time to the University, to spend time together in a more relaxed setting.

The Regents are some of the most well educated and versed people about Murray State. I firmly believe they all have the best interest of the University at heart and want this University to succeed. Why not have a little faith that they made the best decision this time, too?

Would this “illegal meeting” have been an issue if Dr. Dunn’s contract had been renewed? You are naive if your answer is yes. If so, where is the public outrage over every other social gathering that the board has had such as the ones at Oakhurst every year in December or about the board retreats where the Regents socialize with each other after meetings? Do you not believe that University business would have been discussed then? When you bring 11 individuals together, with Murray State being the most obvious thing they have in common, the University will work its way into many conversations. The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education even says that nothing prohibits discussion where the purpose is to educate themselves on specific issues. Dr. Curris was just being honest when he said that University business was discussed. You would have called him a liar had he said naught. Believe the man when he also says no votes were taken, and there was no agenda.

No criminal act occurred. The News’ Editorial Board should do it’s homework before it makes false statements in print. You say that nothing has been proven yet and that the social gathering is all speculation. Moreover, you call for readers to get angry and take a stand against the board. You are blowing smoke where there is no fire.

Letter by Alex Green, alumnus from Mayfield, Ky. Alex Green is the son of Regent Sharon Green.

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  1. I am somewhat concerned and bothered by The Murray State News that I was never contacted to see if I was the author of this letter. It makes me wonder about their other fact checking for articles and the possibility of an individual writing a letter to the editor and submitting it as someone else.
    I also have an issue with your addendum, "Alex Green is the son of Regent Sharon Green." I did not write this letter as the son of Sharon Green. I wrote this as Alex Green and alumnus of Murray State University. Although she is in fact my mother, there is a difference between the two. I have my own opinion and crafted my letter on my own account. By making that addition you are as I said, "blowing smoke where there is no fire."

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