Spring fever: get outdoors, get going

Calvina LieBig/The News
Calvina LieBig/The News

Calvina LieBig/The News

Students yearn for spring as the cold weather continues on long past its alloted time.

As they wait, students are making plans for how to fill the much anticipated longer, warmer days.

There are a plethora fun outdoor campus activities just around the corner, students are ready to bask in the sunlight and fresh air.

It is time to start making springtime plans, and a time to get ready for fun in the sun.

1. Enjoy Campus Activities

Spring is a time of community, and a time filled with activities to partake in with fellow Murray State students. With the warmer weather comes an onslaught of outdoor entertainment that promises to be fun for everyone.

An example of this is All Campus Sing. It is hosted by Sigma Alpha Iota, the Inernational Women’s Music Fraternity. All Campus Sing promotes music appreciation throughout the campus and community.

Held on the steps of Lovett Auditorium, the event brings together Greek organizations and residential organizations alike to compete in hours of singing and dancing fun. Audience members may sit on the lawn in the Quad to watch participants sing and dance their hearts out all while enjoying the spring sunshine.

2. Join in the Merriment

As the season progresses, spring gathers sunshine enthusiasts together to create fun-filled afternoons.

Ultimate Frisbee and Capture the Flag are two of the many games that can be found being played in the Quad, which allows students to join in the merriment, stretch their legs and have fun with fellow students.

As weather begins to improve,­ students should take advantage of the warmth and join in on the fun, or even create a game of their own.

3. Relive your Childhood

When the wind blows and homework calls, take a break, go outside and relive your childhood.

Murray State students have found that often times the most relaxing things are those things that had been. Grab a friend and some refreshments and head outside to relive some childhood memories.

Use what is available with string, soap and water to create huge bubbles on campus, or grab a five-dollar kite for hours of homework procrastination on the weekends.

Enjoy the springtime and the free time and have some fun.

“Flying kites is really relaxing and fun,” said Rebecca Johns, sophomore from Crete, Ill. “It’s a great way to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. You only need a little wind.”

4. Be Outdoorsy

Only 20 minutes away from a huge nature preserve, Murray provides the unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors lakeside.

Use the good weather as an excuse to venture off campus and explore what the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area offers. Go camping, backpack a trail, lie by the lake or just enjoy the sunlight.

“I love spring because it provides many opportunities to go outside and be active,” said Torrey Perkins, freshman from Harvest, Ala. “Here at Murray, you can go to the Land Between the Lakes and camp, swim or go horseback riding. If you want, you can grab a blanket and a book to lay in the sun.”

5. Just Relax

As the semester is starting to wind down and finals are creeping toward us, take time out of your busy schedule to relax in the sun and relieve some stress.

Find a bench, a blanket or a particularly inviting patch of grass, lie down and just relax. Take a book or a magazine along for easy reading to help ease the mind.

Take the time to enjoy the weather and forget about the tests.

“In the spring, it’s really nice to just be outside,” said Lindsey Powers, freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio. “I love to sit on the benches with friends or just walk around the loop so I can enjoy the weather outside.”

Story by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer.