Competition features tasks, trivia in annual citywide race

Murray State students look forward to the annual Maneuver Murray race that brings students, faculty and community members alike together for what promises to be a fun-filled day Saturday.

Maneuver Murray, which is created and managed by the Wesley Foundation, resembles the Amazing Race in that competitors must complete a set number of tasks as quickly as possible to win. The clues require competitors to solve puzzles, manage physical feats and overcome mental obstacles as best as they possibly can.

The event takes place all over Murray after starting at the Wesley Foundation on Payne Street. Competitors will start at the foundation at 11:00 a.m. and be given until 2:00 p.m. to complete at least 11 of 12 tasks. For every task left incomplete, 20 minutes will be added to the team’s final time.

The competition has many on-campus organizations like the Honors Program Student Council urging teams to give the contest a go.

“I’m really excited for Maneuver Murray because I love my team,” said Paige Beuligmann, freshman Honor’s Program Student Council member from Carterville, Ill. “It should be a great time for everybody involved.”

The competition does allow the use of cell phones, laptops and GPS, but forbids the use of personal vehicles or accepting rides. Competitors may use public transportation, bikes, their own legs or nontraditional methods to get to each

location so long as they stay within contest rules. Any teams caught violating the rules will be disqualified.

“When our group was talking about different ways we could get around town I did mention that we could use my horse,” Beuligmaan said. “I mean it’s way cooler than walking and they never said we couldn’t! I think it’s a real option.”

Practicality won out, however, and Beuligmaan said the group will be riding bikes around Murray as they do their best to maneuver Murray.

“I don’t know that we really have a strategy,” Beuligmaan said. “I think we are just going to ride around on our bikes and try not to get lost. Does that count (as a strategy)?”

The contest promises to be a unique Saturday while allowing students to get to know the city of Murray much better. Each team is rearing and ready to go as they get ready to maneuver Murray.

 Story by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer.