Three homemade gifts to give on Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

One in a Million

1. Buy a regular mason jar, thin ribbon and something with which to make a simple tag. Also buy enough gumballs of one color to fill the jar, as well as one mismatched gumball.

2. Fill the jar entirely with the gumballs of one color, then add the one mismatched candy, being sure the mismatch can be easily seen.

3. Place the top on the mason jar and use your ribbon to tie on a tag that reads, “You’re one in a million.”


Dates in a Jar

1. Buy a pretty, decorative glass container at the local Walmart or craft store along with scrapbook paper and scrapbook sticker decorations. It would be best if the sticker decals fit the love and Valentine’s Day theme.

2. Either print or handwrite a variety of romantic dates for you and your significant other on various pieces of scrapbook paper. Make sure the dates are things that can actually be done together, and make them as thoughtful as possible.

3. Cut out, fold and decorate each different date idea, and fill the decorative container with them.

4. Using the remaining decals, decorate the outside of the container, making it as personalized as possible.

5. Give the date jar to your significant other, and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.


Six Pack of Sweets

1. Buy any root beer or cream soda that is

sold in a six-pack of glass bottles with screw tops.

2. Drink them all, saving the caps, bottles and pack they came in.

3. Wash the bottles out and remove all outside labels, leaving only a clean glass bottle to

work with.

4. Buy your significant other’s six favorite candies, ribbon, decorative paper, letters and glue sticks.

5. Fill each of the six bottles with a different candy, then screw the caps back on.

6. Decorate each bottle with a ribbon tied around the top.

7. Continue to decorate the gift by covering the sides of the six pack container using the glue, decorative paper and ribbon.

8. Finally, spell out a personal message with the letters on the sides of the six-pack to bring the six-pack of sweets together.

Written and compiled by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer.