Sisk’s freshman year off to a good start

Freshman Erica Sisk has earned the Adidas OVC Freshman of the Week title two weeks in a row. || Photo courtesy of Sports Information

Freshman Erica Sisk has earned the Adidas OVC Freshman of the Week title two weeks in a row. || Photo courtesy of Sports Information

Averaging 27.7 points per game and earning two consecutive Adidas OVC Freshman of the Week titles, freshman guard Erika Sisk is starting her first season right.

Having a slow start in her debut as a college athlete, Sisk suddenly showed a change of pace in her performances against Evansville, Ball State and Southern Illinois.

Combined with senior guard Mariah Robinson and junior guard Erica Burgess, Sisk contributed to Murray State’s 65 of 72 total points in their win against Evansville.

Against Ball State, Sisk started lighting up the scoreboards with a career high 26 points, three rebounds and three steals, resulting in a fourth straight win for Murray State.

“Erika Sisk just does a phenomenal job attacking the basket and changing what she’s been doing.” Head Coach Rob Cross said. “It’s a big adjustment for her.”

She carried the momentum when the Racers played against Southern Illinois on Saturday when they snapped a 19-game losing streak and earned their first win since 1980 against the long-time opponent. Against Southern Illinois, Sisk tacked on seven points and four steals to assist in a 67-55 Murray State victory.

“She’s pretty good when she puts it on the floor aggressively,” Cross said. “She takes her time. She’s talking about the adjustment with the college game and the guards are better athletes. In high school she beats one player with her athletic ability and she’s wide open for a layup. I’m pleased with that performance.”

Currently, Sisk joins Robinson as the only two on the roster to win more than one honor. According to OVC records, Sisk is also the only athlete to win the same award back to back.

Similar to Burgess, Sisk keeps her game close to the rim and has the speed to fly by triple coverage to lay up vital points for the Racers. Drawing up quick fouls on the offensive side of the court, Sisk is dangerous behind the line, shooting an average of 67 percent in free throws.

Together, Sisk and Burgess keep a combined chemistry for big plays in the paint, which shows in their recently improved field goal percentages and long string of wins.

From her past two performances, Sisk immensely improved her season stats, with her field goal percentage jumping from 18.8 to 27.7 percent.

The Oxford, Miss., native was scouted by Cross when she led her high school team to a 33-0 undefeated season as well as three appearances in state tournaments. Averaging 23 points per game in her high school career, Sisk has seen similar stats carrying over to her performances as a college athlete.

Sisk will join the Racers in their next game at 12 p.m. on Dec. 16 at the CFSB Center against Alabama A&M.

Story by: Carly Besser, Staff writer