Lavender Blond: Beauty Trends


I am a bit beauty obsessed and am currently dying to try all of these current trends. 

The first look in this Polyvore set is the caviar nail. To achieve the three dimensional nail art, you first apply two coats of a base polish in any color. I recommend white nail polish with clear beads. It’s so modern and clean! Once your nail polish is tacky and not completely dry, layer on the beads until they fit your nail perfectly. Be sure to put a good quality top coat to ensure they stick. You don’t have to buy Ciate brand to get the look. Any craft store should carry tiny glass micro beads for a fraction of the cost. If doing all of your nails is overwhelming, try it first with just your ring fingers. This is a great temporary trend that is sure to get you compliments.

Next, we have the always tedious cat eye. This set provides a great tip to ensure symmetrical liner. Simply place a piece of tape under your bottom lashes at an angle and another starting from the inside corner of your eye. Follow your liner along the tape and you have yourself a perfect winged eye. Experiment with an electric blue or mint green and leave the rest of the face nude and clean.

The next look is the mega popular ombre hair. If it’s something more permanent you want, I suggest visiting a salon. If you are looking for a temporary change up to your everyday hair style, then chalking might be for you. It’s quite an easy process, grab a few sticks of child sidewalk chalk in your desired color and make a 3:1 ratio of chalk to water. You’ll want to scrape the chalk along the sides and mix it with the water to form a thick paste. Rub the paste on the portion of hair you want colored then blow dry and style! It’s super simple and affordable. Here’s a more detailed link on the look: Ombre Hair.

Blog by Lindsey Summer, Staff blogger.